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Interested in golf fitness? Do you want to move better? Are you in pain during or after a round of golf? Could you use more length and consistency? Find out how!

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Online Golf Fitness/Mobility Programs

Online programs are low or high intensity programs designed to fit the individual's goals, preferences and mobility limitations. This program includes a full Titleist Performance Institute and RAD mobility assessment to identify movement limitations. Based on your limitations and goals, an online profile is created for you with an easy to follow mobility program as prescribed for you. These programs are convenient and simple. Programs can be done from the convenience of your own home without the need for equipment and is perfect for the individual seeking a lower intensity program. The program can also be tailored to be completed at a fitness facility or home gym for the person desiring a high intensty program.

Program Duration 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month
Price (per month) $140 $125 $110

Private Mobility Sessions (30 Minutes)

This program is designed to be a low intensity program suitable for the player seeking recovery, increased mobility or wants to decrease pain. This program begins with an initial Titleist Performance Institute and RAD Mobility assessment. These 30 minute sessions are designed to specifically target areas of limited function or find the cause of pain. Each session follows the movement continuum beginning with the latest in self-myofascial release techniques and research, progressing to simple mobility and stability drills. Each program will come with easy take-home exercises to do between sessions for continued progress. This program is a great option for senior golfers or those new to fitness.

Program Duration 4 Sessions 8 Sessions 12 Sessions
Price (per session) $40 $35 $30

Golf Performance Fitness Sessions (60 Minutes)

This program option is a higher intensity option for those who are not only wanting to move better and prevent injury but are looking to improve fitness as well. Following an initial Titleist Performance Institute and RAD Mobility Assessment, these sessions will be focused on improving mobility, stability, speed and power in the golf swing. Each program comes with take-home exercises between sessions to continue progression.

Listed prices are per session 4 Sessions 8 Sessions 12 Sessions
One Person $70 $60 $50
Group of 2 $40 $35 $30
Group of 3 $28 $24 $20