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Interested in golf fitness? Do you want to move better? Are you in pain during or after a round of golf? Could you use more length and consistency? Find out how your body's restrictions may be the root cause of your faults!

Titleist Performance Institute movement screens are $75 (+tax) for the 45 minute session.

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TPI Assessment + Corrective Exercise Program

Online programs designed to fit the individual's goals, preferences and mobility limitations. This program includes a full Titleist Performance Institute assessment to identify movement limitations. Based on your limitations and goals, an online profile is created for you with an easy to follow corrective exercise program prescribed for you. These programs are convenient and simple. Programs can be done from the convenience of your own home without the need for equipment, other than an exercise band, and is perfect for the individual seeking a to improve movement in order to improve their swing mechanics, increase distance or decrease pain. 

Assessment + Program Duration 6 weeks 12 weeks 18 weeks
Price $150 $200 $225

K-Vest 3D Swing Analysis, TPI Assessment & Corrective Exercise Program

This package takes into account the entire picture. Using 3D motion capture technology, we can gain a complete understanding of how you move throughout your swing, how you create power, and where the major faults are, causing you to lose shots on the golf course. The TPI movement screen is used to compare where physical limitations may be causing faults in the golf swing. Understanding the difference between a technical and physical limitation is crucial for getting to the root cause of the problem! Each assessment comes with a 6-week online program with corrective exercises and drills to improve "red flags" found in the assessment.

Assessment Type Initial Assessment Reassessment

Monthly Program 

Price $199 $125


3 month minimum


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